• Control of wafers' surfaces.
  • Gashing or dicing of wafers.
  • Plasma stripping.
  • Thermo vacuum treatment.
  • Heat treatment in controlled gas environment.
  • Heat treatment in air.
  • Chip bonding through sticking
  • Chip bonding through eutectic soft soldering.
  • Chip bonding with bulk leads through flip chip thermal-compression bonding.
  • Bonding in wedge-wedge/ball-wedge mode.
  • Rectangular packages bonding in inert ambient though electrocontact seam welding.
  • Sealing control by mass spectrometer method.
  • X-ray control.
  • Free particles control in internal volume by acoustic method.
  • Weld strength control for liftoff and offset.
  • Thermo cycling.
  • Control of electrical parameters of crystals within wafers in normal conditions and high temperatures.
  • Control of electrical parameters of microchips in normal conditions and critical temperatures.