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Поддержка правительства Москвы

Межотраслевое объединение наноиндустрии

Quality management

Quality management system of Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center was developed, documented and implemented, and is maintaining on working order in accordance with State Standards R ISO 9001, РВ 15.002 (in case of Electronic component base) and РД В 319.015 in accordance with the field of application. The aim of the implementation of the system is in permanent increase of customers satisfaction and expectations.

Strategy direction of the Nanotechnology Center development is in safeguarding and further development of production through the following approaches:

- Attaining technical and quality production level, which exceeds the world level.

- Extending competitive product mix as well as developing and manufacturing innovative production.

Priority lines of development of the center include providing:

- High quality and reliability of production, strict discipline of supply, permanent communication with suppliers of materials and semis, and customers.

- Status of reliable supplier.

- Accordance of quality management system to international, governmental and military standards.

The management team of Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center is aimed at creation of conditions, ensuring conscious involvement of employees in the Quality Management System, maximum development of their abilities.

Director General of the Nanotechnology Center is fully responsible for the quality of production, supply of resources for realization of policy in the field of quality and labor encouragement, and delegates authority to management of deartments.

Each employee has personal responsibility for the quality of the results of one’s activity.